Porter Ancestors
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Porter Ancestors

Name Mother Father Born Notes Died/Buried
Elizabeth Grey Porter(Black) Elizabeth Grey McLemore(Porter) Jeff Porter 14 Oct 1946 Has Porter and  Huneycutt
Family Bibles
Jeff Porter Apsillia Huneycutt (Porter) Born 1864) James Haywood Porter Jr. 5 Sep 1905   18 Nov 1983/Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery
James Haywood Porter Jr Margaret Jean Butler
born 17 July 1827 daughter of Benjamin and Ann M Hairr Butler (born 1805)
James H. Porter Sr 11 May 1860 Brother was Samuel Bennett Porter born 2 July 1862 2 days before James H. Sr. died at Petersburg. Charlie Herring, Celestal, Margaret Ann are sisters and brothers 6 Oct 1947/Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery
James Haywood Porter Sr Nancy Wooten Samuel Porter 1835 Pvt Company I,46th Regt Inf NC enlisted 24 Apr 1862 in Clinton NC died of Rubeola 4 July 1862/Peterburg Va Mass Grave(46th NC Regt)
Samuel Porter Elizabeth ???? Mathew Porter 1810   1874
Mathew Porter   John Porter 1775   1850
John Porter       Sampson County 1784 tax list showed John Porter and Samuel Porter as did 1790 census. 1796