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Manzer Family History
as relates to the Blacks

Name Birth Date/Place Date of Death/Burial Parents Marriage/Date/Place/Spouse
James Manzer Palatine Region of Germany      
John Manzer 1608
1642 Immigrated to Dutch Colony New Amsterdam
  James Manzer  
John Manzer 1635
Moved to near Albany NY
  John Manzer  
John Manzer 1684
Lived at Kingston NY
  John Manzer  
John Manzer 1725
PVT 4th NY Militia
  John Manzer Elizabeth
John T. Manzer 1764 1864
Otsego county NY
John and Elizabeth Manzer Martha Conyers

10 Children

Rev Lawrence Manzer
(Oldest child of above)
5 July 1785
Schodack Center, Renssalaer County NY
3 Jan 1869/Manzer Cemetery John T. Manzer and Martha farmers of Northhampton NY 12 Feb 1804 to Mary  Price of Whiting Vermont
Timothy Manzer (6th Child of above) 27 Jan 1815/Fly Creek Otsego County NY 26 Jan 1892/Angola Cemetery,Lake Villa IL Rev Lawrence  and Martha above Julia Ann Gardner
Lawrence W.(Lant) Manzer
 (2nd child of above)
21 Dec 1841/Gibson Twp
Susquehanna County PA 
1910/Manzer Cemetery Timothy and Julia above 1861 to Sarah Jane Hull
William Bloomfield Manzer
 (1st child of above)
2 Jan 1867/Gibson Twp
Susquehanna County PA
7 May 1928/Manzer Cemetery Lant and Sarah above 1887 to Anna N. Clark
Eva Maude Manzer (4th child of above) 1 Mar 1894/Gibson Twp
Susquehanna County PA
18 April 1969/Lacey Street Cemetery Laceyville PA William and Anna above Clifford George Pickett Jr./Laceyville PA
Mary Louise Pickett
(2nd child of above)
 Oct 1920/ Laceyville PA 18 March 2002/Lacey Street Cemetery Laceyville PA Eva and Clifford above July 1943 to William Thomas Black/Harrisburg PA
James Alexander Black
(2nd child of above)
Sep 1946/Kingston PA   Louise and William above  May 1973 to Elizabeth Grey Porter/Clinton SC
Della Elizabeth Black
(Only child of above)
Aug 1980/ Rendsburg Germany   James and Elizabeth above  

Note: Unverified info - This info originated in New Brunswick, Canada:
       Manzer family is of Germanic origin probably from SW Germany. Prior to 1635, one or more Manzers went to England. On May 2, 1635, James Manzer, born 1608, sailed from England to the Barbadoes on the Alexander. About 1760 one or more of his descendants moved to Long Island and settled near what is now the Long Island end of the Brooklyn Bridge. On July 5, 1778, five Manzers joined the DeLancey Brigade, 2nd battalion. They were Barnet, Daniel, Christopher, Martin and John. In 1784, the five came to Canada: Daniel to Quebec and the other four to New Brunswick. About 1810, Daniel and his family (about 7 or 8) went to U. S. A. Martin had one son Lawrence who is believed to have gone to U. S., probably Philadelphia. Rest of Martin's family is believed to have been daughters who married in New Brunswick. Christopher had no family. Barnet, Christopher and John were known brothers. Martin and Daniel not known, could have been cousins. A great many of Barnet's family moved to the U. S.

From Stocker History late 1800's: LAWRENCE MANZER bought about two hundred acres on the Tunkhannock, about one mile above South Gibson, which included the John Collar improvement. He had built a good log house and a barn, that is now standing. He had planted a large orchard, which was destroyed by a whirlwind after Manzer came there. Mr. Manzer made extensive improvements; he cleared land, built comfortable houses and erected a saw-mill in 1843. He died in 1869, aged eighty-three; nine of his family were then living. T. J. Manzer kept the homestead, which he has improved and augmented by purchase, until be owns some three hundred acres of land, and is able to keep nearly one hundred head of cattle. His barns are well arranged and his farm is well watered, making him one of the first farmers in the county. Henry Manzer resides in Lenox. His wife, who was Mindwell Sparks, is a preacher of some local fame, and is often called upon to preach funeral sermons.


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