McLemore Ancestors
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McLemore Ancestors

Name Mother Father Born Died/Buried
Elizabeth Grey Porter Black Elizabeth Grey McLemore Jeff Porter 14 Oct 1946  
Elizabeth Grey McLemore Porter Idellia May McMillan (Idella Mae) Jun 19 1892-Sep 28 1970 Dennis Lofton McLemore Jun 20 1889-Feb 2 1943 1 Feb 1921 29 Jun 2002/Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery
Daughter Wilda Mae
Dennis Lofton McLemore Elizabeth Ann Bullard (1843-1875) (1st Wife)
Nancy Elizabeth Spell (2nd Wife)
Stone in Cemetery

Possible School Picture

Lofton Hayes McLemore

1844-1906 Family Cemetery
Other Family:
Ida Laura Mclemore

Owen Abner McLemore

10 Jun 1889 2 Feb 1943/Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery

Elizabeth McLemore
Strong site Link to brother Edgbert Ray McLemore
Dixie McLemore
Lofton Hayes (Haywood?) McLemore
Pvt 2nd Company E Regt Enl 15 July 1862 Wake Co Wounded 3 May 1863 at Chancellorsville Va. reported absent for next 11 months due to wounds. Discharged 24 Apr 1864 due to Phthisis Pulomalis affecting both Lungs. Or
Pvt 2nd Co A 2nd Artillery Regt, C.S.A. Extra Information Strong site Link

Jemima Simmons


Amos McLemore Mar 1844 14 Sep 1906/Mclemore Cemetery
Amos McLemore Mary ?????? Raeford McLemore 1813 1850
Raeford McLemore ??????? Archibald McLemore 1790 1871
Archibald McLemore
Shown of 1784 Tax List for Sampson County(100-1-0) as well as William McLemore(0-1-0)
??????? William McLemore 1757 1830
William Mclemore  ????? Drury(Druria) Wright McLemore 1736 1761
Wright McLemore  ????? Wright William Macklemore 1713 1761
William Macklemore Fortain Gilliam James MacLemore 1681 1750
Mungo Macklemore possibly from Colomnel,
Ayrshire, Scotland to VA 1671
Mary Aitken William McIlmorrow abt 1635 before 1735
William McIlmorrow       (d. July 1664, Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland
Mungo's brother  immigrated to Va with  brother  Abraham 1689
Mary Aitken Mungo Macklemore b: 1662 d: 1735


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