McMillan Ancestors
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McMillan Ancestors

Name Mother Father Born Died/Buried
Elizabeth Grey Mclemore Idellia May McMillan Dennis Lofton McLemore 1 Feb 1921 29 Jun 2002/Elizabeth Baptist Church
Idellia May McMillan-From McMillan Family Bible
(Idella Mae)
Sarah Elizabeth Lucas William Duncan McMillan 19 Jun 1892 28 Sep 1970/Elizabeth Baptist Church
William Duncan McMillan
Family Picture
Anna Elizabeth Pope Duncan  McMillan 23 Feb 1855 21 Dec 1946/Bethany United Methodist Church Stedman NC
Duncan McMillan Elizabeth McMillan Dugald McMillan    
     Dugald McMillan Mary McMillan
died 1840
Iver McMillan
died 1843
  See will
See Brown Marsh stones
Notes from Mary Ellen Wilkerson:

Trying to verify the Lucas line with Sarah  to James Curry Lucas/Martha Spell   to Sherod Lucas/Hester Williams  to Lewis Lucas/Eliz Green   (Rev. War   Pvt NC militia and was in Sampson Co in 1790 and left a will of 1806).

Family Notes: The names of all children from the Cumberland Co. Blue's Sand Hill Precinct 1910 census are:
Wm. O  Age 55 (Born 23 Feb 1855)   Head     and Sarah E   Age   58 (Born 23 Oct 1852)
Jasper   28  Born 9 Oct 1881
Hattie    26  Born 25 Aug 1883
Addie    22   Born 6 Mar 1884
Lina       20  Born 22 Jan1890
Idellia     17   Born 19 Jun 1892
Bessie   15   Born 24 May 1894
Effie       18   Born 30 Oct 1896
Census Missing: John Wesley Born 23 Feb 1888


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